Design & Class Earl and Wright, San Francisco, California Semisubmersible Floating Production Unit;MOPU ABS Al Floating Production System
ConstructionLevingston Shipbuilding, Orange, Texas, Hull No. 705;1973 Converted to Early Production System in 1988 inches Upgradation in 1997
Port of Registry / FlagMonrovia / Liberian
Operating DraftAfloat 70 inches to 85 inches; On bottom Condition 50 inches to 125 inches
Operating Water Depth50 - 800 Ft
Quarters83 Persons
Hull322 X360 X146 (in inches)
Variable Load2,300 ST
HeliportDesigned and certified for Sikorsky S-61 with a maximum size D value of 22.2 Mtrs
StorageFuel-1206 S.T Drill Water-1,413 ST Pot Water-130 ST
Production EquipmentInlet Manifold capable of taking Crude from 6 wells. 1st stage separator-2 nos.Test Separator- 1 no. Working Pressure 450-650 psi; Nominal flow rate 8300 BFPD(LIQUID),10MM SCFD(GAS) 2nd Stage Separator;WP 100-150 psi; Nominal flow rate 20,000 BFPD(LIQUID),3MM SCFD(GAS) 3rd Stage Separator;WP 0-10 psi; Nominal flow rate 20,000 BFPD(LIQUID) + 5% Water, 3MM SCFD(GAS) HP Knockout Drum- 7.28 MM SCFD; LP Knockout Drum- 2mm scfd. Oil Skimmer, Nominal flow rate 1200 BWPD Water Polisher-12,000 bbbl/day.Contamination < 25 ppm Chemical Injection Package Transfer Export pumps- 11,000 bbl/day X 3 Nos. Flare Booms-2 nos. 17MM SCFD of Natural Gas/Day.
Production SystemDesign Capacity 20,000 BOPD of Crude having a maximum of 5,000 ppm of H2S Water Treatment Design Capacity 12,000 BWPD habing less than 25 ppm oil Gas Separation Design Capacity 17 mm SCFD
Cranes2 nos National OS 435 Cranes; 120 inches ft 100 inches booms. 54 Short Tons @ 74 degrees & 54 Short Tons @ 64 Degrees.
Mooring15 nos. LWT 12 Tons Bruce FFTS anchors with 3 inches stud link chain
Work AreaEast Coast,Bay of Bengal,India.
Former NameSedco K
Nett Registered Tonnage3685
IMO Number8755508